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Our Daughter’s Labradoodle Puppies

Our Daughter has a litter of F1B Labradoodles expected Jan. 20th They are sweet, non-shedding to low shedding Curly puppies They will be various Chocolate colors. Please call or text me @ 920-590-0561 and I can help you with all the details                                                  .         

1 thought on “Our Daughter’s Labradoodle Puppies”

  1. Joel says:

    I was wondering if you ever have yellow labs?
    I am not a hunter. My wife and I are looking to get a house dog that must have good temperament and be good around kids. We have 3 kids ages 1,4 and 5. My wife and I have both been dog owners in the past with mine being a black lab.
    I’m also wondering what you get for a pup and what they come with (shots, dew claws?). Also do you keep your dogs when they are retired from breeding or do you adopt them out. My wife and I talked about possibly getting an older dog first so as to skip the puppy phase with the kids. Any info you have would be appreciated.

    Thank You

    Joel Pansier

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