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100_0699_fsPintail Peak Kennel was formed in 2005 when mine (Lisa) and my husband’s (Brian) passions collided for the second time. My passion is loving, caring for, and raising beautiful and healthy puppies that turn into a person’s most cherished possession… Brian’s is DUCK HUNTING. Brian lives and breathes for duck and goose hunting.

The first time our passions collided was in 1992 when my loving and beautiful yellow Labrador Retriever and his handsome chocolate Labrador Retriever started having litters. Brian’s Lab was an excellent hunter and mine an obedient house dog. They had 4 beautiful and healthy litters before retiring. They grew old and ultimately spend their time under the Rainbow Bridge. But Brian, who has an extreme passion for hunting (especially waterfowl) was missing a hunting partner. We researched and researched and undoubtedly decided on another Chocolate Labrador Retriever male. So we started looking and found what we now realize was the start of Pintail Peak… Gunner a beautiful Chocolate Labrador Retriever┬ámale.

All I could think about was how I would love to get back into breeding healthy,well-rounded and beautiful Labrador Retrievers so from there we have grown into the kennel we are today.

Now here’s what sets us apart from other breeders. Brian and Gunner, with the help of an excellent trainer who helped get us involved in Hunt Tests and becoming better obedience and bird trainers, started running and loving Hunt Tests. Today, all of our Labrador Retrievers are trained to hunt and retrieve bird to hand.

Each and every Lab we have spends weeks rotating between staying in our home and staying in their climate controlled dog facility.

All of our puppies are raised in our home and treated as if they are our own. We take the utmost care to raise healthy, well-tempered puppies.

So, if you share a love for well bred Labrador Retrievers… and if you believe a dog is not only man’s best friend but a member of the family, if you believe in a dog not only being an asset to have in the field and/or duck blind but also in the home, please give us a call or send us an e-mail. We are always looking for good homes for our pups. We are WI state licensed and inspected 466915-DS

Good luck in life and in the duck blind…

Lisa and Brian Jackson
(920) 590-0561 OR (920) 590-0562

2 thoughts on “About Us”

  1. Ellie Werner says:

    Thank you for sharing your passion! I found you on a FB post and was intrigued. I’m hoping to see what you have available in 2024. I’m specifically looking to add a female. Color isn’t a necessary factor, but black would be wonderful!

    1. Pintail Peak says:

      We should be having a litter with Black puppies in the Spring/Summer of 2024. If you would like I can place your name on our contact list.

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